Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wednesday Evening Post

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The #ShutUpAndWrite Badge of Honor Awards

For their meritorious service to the writing world, and for telling me to ‘shut up and write’ on numerous occasions in the last few weeks, I am proud to announce this round of #ShutUpAndWrite Badge of Honor inductees:

Layna Pimentel, AKA @LaynaPimentel, Natasha Hollerup, AKA @NatashHollerup, And Katherine Grubb, AKA @10MinuteWriter

You can't imagine how annoying it gets when you introduce a hashtag like #ShutUpAndWrite and then you are expected to do just that! These three are exemplary examples of hard working writers who find it in their hearts to tell me to shut up and get writing every chance they get, all while disappearing into the ether themselves to get work done. In this case, being told to shut my yap and get working has been well worth it. Honorary mention goes to Joseph Lane ~ AKA @JosephLane on Twitter ~ for making the pages of the Urban Times, and writing a great article on the G20 Summit ...

Note: To qualify for the #ShutUpAndWrite Badge of Honor Award you must do few things well:

~ Be Able to extract yourself from Twitter's devious grasp for at least a few hours a week

~ Produce wordage of at least 1000K a week: This rule is not hard and fast; but you know, you gotta write something!

~ Bug me! Tell me to go away and write once in a while! Don't feel bad doing it; it's all in fun, and it'll remind me that I need to get work done.

All in all, #ShutUpAndWrite has been a great experience so far; this mere hash tag has given me pause to stop and smell the ink. You know you've been online too much when you're Tweeting what you had for breakfast or reciting John Keats poetry in 140 characters. Yes, that's an occasion to really start reflecting on your writing life!

In Other News ...

Currently listening to Paul Robson singing Old Man River ...

Check out my pal Joseph Lane! Getting published at the Urban Times! Give it a click.

Are the G20/G8 Summits worth the hassle? | The Urban Times

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I would like to thank Katherine Grubb over at the 10 Minute Writer blog for giving me the Versatile Blogger award, for which I'm very grateful (I'm always grateful and perplexed when I get any kind of award!)

Coming soon: More stuff from David Hunter, your resident nut-ball and leader of the Shut Up And Write movement.

Keep Scribbling ...


  1. Resident nutball you say roflmao - I think not our fearless leader! Looking forward to more of our #ShutUpAndWrite sessions this long weekend. :)

  2. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    Really, you guys are an inspiration to procrastinators such as myself. In fact, I think I'll go tweet about how inspired I am, then chat with friends, then call my mom and give a two hour detailed explanation of what I've learned...

    Then, check twitter again for more inspiration...

  3. Ha! Well, we aim to inspire in anyway we can. Now go write, before I sic the Droogs on you!

  4. Thank you David. You are an inspiration. You keep me honest, you make me wanna giv'r. A round of applause to you.

  5. I'm just the messenger pal, but thank you for the kind words.

  6. I love the tone of this. You communicate that writing work, as important as, well, work. But you don't inflate it. You let it stand for itself, as a good writer will. Way to go. Good luck with your writing, with your work. Peace,


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