Saturday, February 2, 2013

Publication: Scary Unknown Planet!



  1. The preparation and issuing of a book, journal, piece of music, or other work for public sale.
  2. A book, journal, etc. issued for public sale.

issue - edition - publishing - promulgation - release

Yes, I've been 'Promulgated' in an anthology of romantic tales called Passion's Prisms: Tales of Love and Romance (Free Kindle Version, today only, by the way, at Amazon) and I'm slightly euphoric.  After all, publication is publication. 

Now, romantical stories aren't usually my thing, but I had one in me and I sent it off to Mandy White, caretaker of Passion's Prisms.  I expected an email from her saying 'Ack! This is terrible! We can't use it.'  but just the opposite happened, and she included it in the book.  For that I am grateful.

As I've mentioned before in a post at Bloggo David, I've successfully avoided publication for the longest time. Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of something truly finished and done.  I have lots of stories built up over the years, most in various states of disorder.  But my meeting with Sasha Jackson Author Jill Edmondson really put things in perspective.  She said, 'why aren't you published yet? Shit or get off the pot!'.

Okay. Ouch.

It's one thing when your mom tells you that, but an actual published author? That cuts you down some, and it's a great kick in the ass of perspective. 

Why write if no one will ever read you?  Good question.  What the hell are you doing!?

So I made it my mission to get into print as much as I can this year.  A late New Year's resolution.  I hope you all follow along and do the same.  

Passion's Prism: Tales of Love and Romance 

Passion's Prisms: Tales of Love & Romance

This anthology features me and many others, short stories and poems about the trials and tribs of life in love.  I'm told it's for a charity, and I have to look into that, but for now you can get it FREE at Amazon.  It's a Kindle Version, which is interesting because I don't own a Kindle!  Anyway, here's a list of the featured Authors: 

Table of Contents

Introduction ~ by Mandy White
Advice From a Hopeful Romantic ~ by A.K. Wallace
Dance With Desire ~ Poetry by Suzanne Parlee
Ode to a Greek God ~ by Marla Todd
Deep Wood Shade ~ Poetry by Diana Garcia
Letter to a Lost Love ~ by Diana Garcia
Memoria ~ Poetry by A.K. Wallace
In Dreams ~ by A.K. Wallace
Poetry by Daniel E. Tanzo
The First Moment of a Long Love ~ by David Hunter
Cicada Song ~ Poetry by Suzanne Parlee
Prairie Passion ~ by Mandy White
Musings on Love and Loss ~ by Juliette Kings
Poetry by Daniel E. Tanzo
Don’t Lose Your Head ~ by Michael Haberfelner
Sensual Healing ~ Poetry by Suzanne Parlee
The Gift ~ by Veronica Veil
Song of My Soul ~ by Rob Betz
Jenny and Frankie Take a Trip ~ by David W. Stone
The Travelers ~ by Marla Todd
Heart-Shaped Box ~ by Mandy White
Let Me Kiss You ~ Poetry by Anand Matthew
The Summer Soldier ~ by Marie Frankson
The Shadow Always Knows ~ Poetry by A.K. Wallace
Dark Politics ~ by Marla Todd
Love Storm Born ~ by David W. Stone
Poetry by Daniel E. Tanzo
Crystal Hearts ~ by Marla Todd
Love in a Mist ~ J. Harrison Kemp

 David, over and out.

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